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123EasyMedicareWorkshops  Feel confident with your Medicare decision. This FREE 45-minute presentation covers everything you need to know about Medicare. Learn how Medicare works and what you can expect with each of the plan options before you choose.Online...

COVID-19 Vaccine. How does it work? – 2021

I seem to get asked at least once a day what my opinion is on the new COVID-19 vaccines. It seems the anxiety is caused by fear of the unknown and with the news media spinning things to meet their own agendas these days, it’s hard to know what is fact and what is...

Know your providers Medicare status – 2021

We’ve heard horror stories from clients that have Medicare and a Medigap plan about getting large bills for services received from providers that either do not participate in Medicare, have opted out of Medicare, or have withdrawn from Medicare entirely. Understanding...

The COVID-19 vaccine. What you need to know. – 2021

Since the news broke that there is an approved COVID-19 vaccine, we have received many calls with clients asking questions about when it will be available and what the cost implications will be. Here’s what we know, directly from the CDC about the COVID-19 vaccine: 1....

archive New year, new plan, new cards – 2020

Did you make a Medicare plan change during this Annual Enrollment Period? If so… this month’s article is all about YOU! If we assisted you in changing your Medicare Advantage or Prescription Drug Plan during this year’s Annual Enrollment Period, please make sure you...

If you don’t use ’em you lose ’em! – 2020

If you are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan, chances are your plan may include dental, vision, and/or hearing benefits as well as an allowance to purchase over-the-counter personal care items either at a retail location or from a catalog. The end of 2020 is fast...


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