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“123Easy Medicare was very helpful and knowledgeable of everything I had to do for my insurance needs upon reaching age 65 I’m so glad that I went to the 123 seminar or I would not have known what to do
Thank you!”

Linda B.

Mesa, AZ


“As a retired attorney who is an expert on employer group health plans, it was important to me to find the right Medicare advisor to select the appropriate coverage to supplement Part B… I attended …Medicare Made123 Easy Medicare seminar and made an appointment… I feel confident in the selections we have made. I have found Sharon and the other representatives …I have come in contact to be friendly and caring as well as professional.

Bob H.

Scottsdale, AZ


“I knew nothing about Medicare options. The seminar was enlightening. The appointment in December for options was so helpful making my April appointment to finalize so easy. I will be referring a couple of friends next year!”

Nancy M.

Chandler, AZ

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Topics covered

retiree group vs. Medicare
In most cases your retiree group plan will require you to get your Medicare Part A and B to go along with it. We highly encourage you to do what we call a “Stay or Go Analysis”™️ to see if the math makes sense to stay on that retiree group plan. In many cases Medicare plans offer richer benefits at lower cost.
Part b and Part d surcharges

Official Definition “Income related monthly adjustment amounts” (IRMAA):

“CMS explains that if your modified adjusted gross income is above a certain amount, you may pay an Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount (IRMAA). Medicare uses the modified adjusted gross income reported on your IRS tax return from 2 years ago. This is the most recent tax return information provided to Social Security by the IRS.” – www.medicare.gov

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For over 20 years, David Schaeffer and his team have been advising folks just like you on how to navigate the mysteries of Medicare.
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How We Help


We firmly believe that an educated consumer is the best customer. This FREE 30-minute educational workshop covers everything you need to know about Medicare. Learn how Medicare works and what you can expect with each of the plan options before you choose. With no mention of a single insurance company’s name. You will learn why it just is not relevant.


Our services to you are at absolutely no cost (yes, that means FREE!) We serve as Medicare fiduciaries, helping you understand your options to help you make the most appropriate choice based on your needs. Allow us to enroll you in whatever plan or plans you choose, that is how we are compensated (by the insurance carrier, never by you.)


There is no one-size-fits-all Medicare plan. With over 6000+ combinations and thousands of plans across the USA, we make sure that we make a plan tailored to your needs. Just because you don’t change anything… these Medicare plans change on you.

Educational Workshop:
Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee to attend?
We want you to be our guest! There is never a fee to learn from us!
Who can attend?
Anyone! Turning 65, already 65, helping someone with Medicare; our workshop will simplify Medicare so you can choose plans with confidence.
What will I learn by attending this workshop?
You will learn how to enroll stress-free! We simplify what Medicare is, and ALL your options, and then teach you the unique 123Easy way to compare plans to get what you need. You arrive confused and leave feeling relieved!
Is there time for questions at the workshops?
We encourage them! Make a list before you join us too. Your questions will help other attendees too!
How long is the workshop?
We will make Medicare easy to learn in 45 entertaining minutes!
Will we be sold anything at the workshop?

Absolutely not! The workshops are educational only.

Is the content of the workshop the same no matter where I choose to attend?
Yes, the presentation is the same no matter where you join. However, the questions come from our attendees so you might hear just the answer to your specific situation!
Where are the workshops held?
Wherever you are! Join workshops from anywhere nationwide. We host in-person local workshops for attendees to join at select AZ and NV public libraries. And folks can join us online nationwide on select dates every month.
David Schaeffer Framed Headshot
David Schaeffer Framed Headshot


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee to meet with an Advisor?
No, there is never a fee for the guidance we provide. In fact, we also save you time with our 123Easy plan comparison and research processes too!
What will I gain by meeting with an advisor?
We will guide you on how to enroll stress-free! We simplify Medicare and ALL your options and then teach you the unique 123Easy way to compare plans to get what you need. You arrive confused and leave feeling relieved!
Is there time for questions during the meeting?
We encourage them! Make a list before you meet with us. Your questions are important to us helping you get exactly what you need!
Can you help me enroll in Medicare too?
Besides our cornerstone of education, our advisors can provide one-on-one Medicare planning and guidance – from plan comparisons to enrollment, our advisors stay with you throughout your Medicare journey. Plus our Client Care team is locally available to respond to your inquiries to answer your questions.
What other Medicare support does 123EasyMedicare offer?
Our advisors’ goal is to make your transition to Medicare 123Easy. Once we review your options and plans, we can help you enroll in the plan that makes the most sense for you! We also review these plans ANNUALLY! Because, what do these insurance companies like to do to nice folks like you? That’s right… change things. Thats why here at 123EasyMedicare, we reveiw every single one of our client’s plans to ensure that they continue to be on the most appropriot plan for theri needs year after year.
How long have your advisors been Medicare Planners?
Our advisors have been helping folks with Medicare for over 20 years; some of our advisors have actually been doing this for over 40 years!
How are the advisors of 123EasyMedicare unique?
Our advisors are Certified Medicare Planners® or CMPs. Before a member of the team can meet with folks to educate them or guide on Medicare, they must meet our founder’s strict fiduciary standards and pass a rigorous knowledge base to certify them as a Medicare expert.
What is a CMP® designation?
A CMP designation or Certified Medicare Planner means the advisor your are meeting has certifications surpassing the minimal health licensing credentials for Medicare. A CMP has passed a dedicated training course, senior mentoring, compliance training, annual recertifications.
What if I am already enrolled in Medicare, how can you help me?
When was the last time your Medicare plans were reviewed? Plans should be reviewed once a year. Medicare changes every year and your needs change too.

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