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Did you make a Medicare plan change during this Annual Enrollment Period? If so… this month’s article is all about YOU!

If we assisted you in changing your Medicare Advantage or Prescription Drug Plan during this year’s Annual Enrollment Period, please make sure you have heard from your new plan. If it’s been 3 weeks or more since we submitted your enrollment form, you should have received confirmation of that enrollment either by mail or by email (depending on what you chose). You should also receive a welcome packet that includes an Evidence of Coverage and other plan-related materials. Your new card may not come until this month (December) as some plans send them out in batches.

The annual election period ends on December 7th. If you have not received confirmation of your enrollment into your new plan by December 21st, please call our office and let us know so that we can check on it for you. Most enrollments go smoothly but on occasion, something goes wrong. It is a lot easier for us to correct an issue BEFORE the effective date (January 1st) than after. Not to mention, we want you to have your proof of coverage BEFORE it is supposed to start.

Remember to provide your new ID card to your pharmacy and your medical providers beginning in January. If they try to bill your old plan, your claims will be denied. If your new plan has “Preferred and Standard” pharmacies, make sure you utilize the “Preferred” pharmacies for the best pricing on your medications and make sure you never use out-of-network pharmacies or providers (unless your plan allows it – if unsure, ask us) as your plan will not pay any non-emergent claims if services are received out of the plan’s network.

Also, if you have any questions regarding your new plans, please let us know. Change is sometimes difficult, but we are here to help. Our phone lines will die down a bit after December 7th, but the calls to the insurance companies that manage the plans will still be going full force. It will be easier to reach us than it is to reach them. Let us do what we do best – help make your plan transition 123 Easy!

We appreciate the trust you have placed in us and we look forward to an amazing 2021 full of peace, love, and joy!